Making Star Wars Snowflakes

Star Wars is a film that is much loved people. Back in 2011, there was an artist named Anthony Herrera has made DIY starwars snowflakes. How could he? He told how he was inspired to make these star wars snowflakes. He made star wars snowflakes to make his holiday was fun. He made crafting star wars form snowflakes. He made it with some character of star wars players like luke skywalker and Strom trooper snowflake template. So that you can make star wars snowflakes, you can see the starwars paper snowflakes instruction or how to make star wars snowflakes below.
More info: Anthony Herrera | h/t: mymodernmet

Boba Fett

Darth Vader

Emperor Palpatine

Nien Nunb


Slave Leia

The Interceptor

AT-AT Imperial Walker

Han Solo in Carbonite