Making Hippopotamus Chair By Maximo Riera- For Panic And Pleasure

A semiaquatic herbivore mammal with a barrel-like torso, hippopotamus is one of the most aggressive and whimsical animals on earth. Black hippos mammoth size is preserved for making full-size seat on its upper part without making any cuts along the body. How much is a hippo? It costs $95,000.  Spanish artist Maximo Riera has a passion for making exotic and elegant chair designs using animals like Walrus, Rhino and Elephant, now continuing with hippopotamus. A majestic creation owing to its extraordinary size, lively features, and impressive look, Rieraía hippo chair creates ripples on the seerís mind as to the idea and the workmanship on the animal. Now it is anybodyís guess what project he has next in mind in the line up. Source:freshome