Keeping a tab on your pets with funny collar tags

Are you having sleepless nights thinking about what will happen if your beloved pet gets lost somehow? If the answer is yes then you need not worry anymore as now, different types of collar tags for pets are available in the market now. In this article, you will get the chance of laying your eyes on a number of funny tags, which will surely tickle your funny bones. These tags will not only help you in getting your pet back in case he/she gets lost, but the tags will surely catch the eyes of all. Top get new ideas of making a funny tag for your loved pet, click on the link given here.
(h/t): boredpanda

#1 I Found My Neighbors Cat

Image Credit : DogWhispererFrmHell
#2 So Lost, Very Call, Wow

Image Credit : TheEvilBot
#3 Saw A Cat That I Thought Was Lost In A Nearby Park

Image Credit : Swaqqalicious
#4 If You Can Read This I Will Lick You

Image Credit :
#5 It Was Time For A New Tag For His Collar

Image Credit : crenom
#6 Rumpole Has Been Escaping, So He Got A New Purple Collar And Tag. He Is A Bad Cat

Image Credit :
#7 Found This Hunting Dog. I Guess He Isn’t Lost

Image Credit : nerdburg
#8 Great Dog Tag

Image Credit : AliceWr
#9 My Cat Got His First Name Tag Today

Image Credit : littlemissunshinee
#10 Friends New Cat Tag, She Kept Getting Adopted

Image Credit : kisswithafist
#11 We Moved, So I Had To Get The Dog And Cat New Name Tags

Image Credit : scnavi
#12 Mommy’s Favorite Asshole

Image Credit : Megan Yelekli