Interesting Christmas Decorations in Hospitals

Christmas is the time when each places can be transformed into an innovative one and hospitals cannot be spared in this case. There are various interesting designs you may follow if you want to decorate the hospital rooms and the patients and specifically the new born babies. One of these hospitals gets the colors and the designs by creative person and there are various interesting artistic initiations you may have noticed in this case. This link reveals various outlays of the decorations at the Christmas time in a hospital. You can check out the details of these decorations from the above mentioned link.
Via: boredpanda

#1 Blood Pack Of Santaclaus

Image credit: Kiseung Lee
#2 Christmas Light Prescription Bottles

Image credit:
#3 Hospital Decor

Image credit: Becky Roberts
#4 Christmasy Skeleton Named Mal Nutrition

Image credit: Bytes Master
#5 Hospital Christmas

Image credit: viokitty
#6 Babies Born In The Festive Period Are Wrapped Up In Christmas Stockings

Image credit:
#7 This Hospital Knows How To Be Festive

Image credit: SirJukesALot
#8 You Know You Work In A Hospital When The Christmas Decorations Look Like This

Image credit: jacks_human
#9 Wreath Made Of Pee Jars

Image credit: Kari
#10 Health Office Christmas Door

Image credit: Nurse Tammy
#11 Oh, Christmas Tree

Image credit:
#12 Dna Christmas Ornament

Image credit: Reggieana
#13 Dental Hygiene Christmas Tree

Image credit: Devan
#14 Christmas At The Hospital… A Wreath Made Of Urinals

Image credit: