Incredible Chuck Close Fingerpaint

Chuck Close is very famous for its fingerpaint. His work is huge with the flow of photorealistic painting. He paints based on the images in the photo. He painted it with fingerprints. He made a painting of his wifeís grandmother using fingerpaint. Chuck Close’s artwork is extraordinary. If viewed from a distance it looks like a silver-toned photograph that very great. Consists of the Chuck Close painter, Chuck Close fingerprint was very much on its surface. The fingerprint looks like a wrinkled contained in old people. The process of making this fingerpaint is done by attaching paint into the canvas with our fingers. In this case, we need major adjustments to finger pressure on the canvas. You can view the Chuck Close art work at the Smithsonian’s National Gallery of Art. Source:mymodernmet, Photos via [The Pace Gallery], [The Art Observer]