Ill-effects of over-population captured in snaps

Planet earth is facing a lot of trouble due to the growing population and this is not a good sing for the present as well as the future generations. Due to this, the level of pollution is also on the rise. In this article, you will get the chance of seeing the adverse effects of this, which have been captured on film. The pieces of pollutants floating in the ocean or the rows of cut trees on the barren land are a stark reminder that precautionary measures must be taken immediately. It is the duty of the humans to take care of the planet and the environment for their own survival.
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Fire at oil platform in Gulf of Mexico, April 2010

Landscape full of trash in Bangladesh

Indonesian forest transformed into palm plantation

Part of the Amazonian jungle in Brazil, burnt down to be “repurposed”

World’s biggest excavator, Bagger 288, used to extract coal in Tagebau Hambach strip mine (Germany)

Surfing on a wave full of trash in Java (Indonesia), the world’s most populated island

National Willamette forest, Oregon (USA), 99% deforested

The Yellow river in Mongolia is so polluted that it’s almost impossible to breathe near it

Ken River oil field, California (USA) – exploited since 1899

Landfill in Accra (Ghana). Our electronic rubbish usually ends up in Third-World countries

Mexico City landscape, 20 million inhabitants

The Maldives are flooding because of global warming and human action. They will sink in 50 years

Mir mine, Russia. This gigantic hole is the world’s biggest diamond mine.

Enormous iceberg melting near Svalbard island in Norway

Albatross killed by excessive plastic ingestion in Midway Islands (North Pacific)

Landscape covered in greenhouses , Almeria (Spain)

Tar-rich zone in Alberta, Canada destroyed by mining and toxic wastes