îGossip Girlî Drama Set Interiors ñ A Superb Mix Of The Classic And The Contemporary

Gossip Girl, a libelous picture about the Manhattanís elite, has introduced novel trends in fashion and interior designs personifying its characters. The setís interiors inspire those who aspire for luxury, glamour and vibrant interior designs. The author behind these fabulous creations is Cristina Tonkin, who does them using old and recovered materials, but creating a grand look Some examples are: the board over Serenaís bed is foam over plywood wrapped with fabric. The egg chairs in the Waldorf annexes are recovered leather materials. For opulent lifestyles, he used silver pillows, glass orbs, the wall of Blair Waldorfís bedroom, crystal ashtrays and reflecting lamps. For gossip girl bedroom, he mixes the best of everything. Provided with sofas, chairs, colorful lights, queenís beds and pillows, pictures, round table, the Gossip Girl set interiors lift you to a dream paradise. Source:freshome