Hyper Realistic Art By Keng Lye

Keng Lye, an artist painting a three-dimensional originating in Singapore. Keng Lye produces paintings are very similar to the original object. So fabulous. Among the original objects and paintings are difficult to distinguish. She painted using acrylic and epoxy resin. It is an engineering of epoxy resin art techniques. This technique is a technique of original RiusukeFukahori technique. How easy is to pour resin into a bowl and then began painting at the top by using acrylic, layer-by-layer. When finished making it, then it made photography to gets an impression of life, real and aquatic breathing. This artwork has a lot of fans and they asked paintings Lye Keng purchase. In addition, they also asked for RiusukeFukahori art for sale. they want to buy to decorate their homes. Source:mymodernmet, via [Ian Brooks]