Height Of Aerial Photography!

Numerous landmarks all around the globe has been clicked countless times by a huge number of professional photographers from different angles. Needless to say, those stunning snapshots give everyone a thrill. But after going through this series of breathtaking aerial photographs of those places, you will get to see them from a completely different perspective. The key purpose of this segment is to make you feel the difference of observing a same subject from a completely different and bizarre angle. Most photographers prefer to take these types of aerial pictures from gliders, hot – air balloons, helicopters or from various tall structures.
(h/t): boredpanda

1. Barcelona

Image credits: Aldas Kirvaitis
2. Central Park, New York City

Image credits: Sergey Semenov
3. Maze at Longleat, England

Image credits: archive.4plebs.org
4. Mexico City

Image credits: Pablo Lopez Luz
5. Venice

Image credits: Yann Arthus Bertrand
6. Amsterdam

Image credits: unknown
7. Niagara Falls, Canada

Image credits: thezooom.com
8. Namib Desert, Namibia

Image credits: SysaWorld Roberto Moiola
9. Chicago

Image credits:  Robert Elves
10. Tulip Fields, The Netherlands

Image credits: Normann Szkop
11. Bern

Image credits: imgur.com
12. Mangroves in New Caledonia

Image credits: Yann Arthus Bertrand
13. Dubrovnik

Image credits: Michaelphillipr
14. Paris

Image credits: imgur.com
15. Meskendir Valley, Turkey

Image credits: Beng Lieu Song
16. Shanghai

Image credits: imgur.com
17. Cape Town

Image credits: imgur.com
18. Moscow

Image credits: imgur.com
19. Athens

Image credits: imgur.com
20. Vancouver

Image credits: Evan Leeson
21. Male, Maldives

Image credits:  Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg
22. Seattle

Image credits: thatcherphotography.com
23. Giza Pyramids, Egypt

Image credits: satimagingcorp.com
24. Bac Son Valley, Vietnam

Image credits: Hai Thinh
25. Marina Bay, Dubai

Image credits: airpano.com
26. Rio de Janeiro

Image credits: Antonello
27. Terraced Rice Fields, China

Image credits: Thierry Bornier
28. A Lake in Pomerania, Poland

Image credits: kacper kowalski
29. Vatican City

Image credits: Randy P