Heartbreaking photos of destroyed monuments

Historical places attract people who have fascination to get knowledge of the background of these places and also visit there to gather the details of these places. Sometimes these historical places lose their importance due to its less maintenance and there are very few people who show interest to visit these places. There are various monuments which got destroyed eventually and lost its importance but few people love to visit these places and they want to take pictures of these monuments and preserve them in their records. This link reveals the pictures of these destroyed monuments. These passionate people take all responsibilities to preserve the photos in their records.
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Temple of Bel before and after it was destroyed by Isis in September 2015

The Arc du Triomphe (Triumph’s Arch)

The Temple of Bel dated back to 32AD

Security officials at the same temple site

The Temple of Baal Shamin seen used to be visible through these two columns

The remains of Temple of Bel’s “Cella”

Ruins of a statue in the Palmyra museum

Picture taken in the Palymra museum showing defaced sculptures