Glimpses of a watery photo-shoot

If you are interested in fashion photography then this is the article that you must read in order to learn the tricks of underwater photography. In this article, you will get to see breath taking photographs of models, which have gone under water to pose for the latest edition of a magazine. The photographer has used the back drop of an ancient shipwreck and this has imparted a magical nature to the snaps. It is really a challenging task for the photographers and models as well to pose gracefully under water. To see all the snaps, click on the link that has been given here.
Source: | Smugmug | 500px | Facebook (h/t: petapixel, boredpanda)

No Photoshop was used to create these photos (except for post production)

The models in these photos had to actually hold their breath

That’s probably why they were comfortable being TIED to this underwater shipwreck, receiving air periodically from expert safety divers

Behind the scenes of Von Wong’s underwater photo shoot: