Floating Forest in an Abandoned Ship

An unusual view is seen in Homebush bay, Australia. Seemed an abandoned ship floating under the mangrove trees. This ship has aged 102 years. This ship named SS Ayrfield. This abandoned ship formerly served as a breaking yard. After 75 years of floating in Homebush Bay Australia, the ship is covered by many mangrove trees. This makes the abandoned ship look like a forest ship. This ship is old ship but still standing strong in the middle of the sea. It because the body of the ship is made of steel. You can see pictures of the abandoned ship below.
via: [Bhakta’s Weblog, Oddity Central, mymodernmet]

Image by Andy Brill

Image by Neerav Bhatt

Image by Steve Dorman

Image by Rodney Campbell

Image by Louise Evangelique

Image by Louise Evangelique