Father Spends Hours Just To Remodel His Daughter’s Bedroom

Almost in all cases, a father’s love for his daughter finds a very vocal and active expression, and people love it too! Some dads are so doting that the daughters are showered with lovely surprises and gifts that make them feel as special as they actually are! However, a reddit consumer who goes by the name Radamshome, wanted to do something unique for his daughter. So he decided to remodel her bedroom with a fairytale theme, and which lets the young one enjoy her activities. He spent 18 months and $4,250 at the job, and the results are right in front of you at the web link given here.
More info: radamshome | via: boredpanda

“My daughter wanted a fairy tree in her room that she could sit inside and read books”

“I was kind of un-prepared for the physical realities of this project….”

18 months and 350 hours were spent to complete the project

Radamshome, who is an artist in the video game industry, began with a concept drawing and a scale model

He took private welding courses to make the tree skeleton structurally sound

After over 100-120 hours, the skeleton was complete

It took another 50+ hours to apply the wire “skin” to the rebar

A special mixture of cement was used for the tree trunk, and papier-mâché for the branches. Total time so far: 225 hours

The dad used to paint miniatures as a teenager, so he used the same techniques to paint the tree

He wove Christmas lights, capable of being dimmed, into the branches to simulate stars

The fairy details and tree decorations were found at a Michael’s art supply store

One happy camper! The tree is actually strong enough to support three adults!