Expressing Live For the Masters With a Hug

Due to the loyalty and attachment that dogs have towards the masters, these creatures have been given the title of being man’s best friends. Dogs are ready to cuddle with their masters at any given time and this is exactly the theme of the photographs showcased here. In this article, you will get the chance of warming your heart with the love that the canines show by giving the humans a thigh hug. The expression on their faces is enough to describe how much they love their humans. To take a look at all these snaps, click on the link that has been given here.
(h/t: Stylish Eve ,boredpanda)

Image credits: Kyle Mackillop

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Image credits: Steve Garner

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Image credits: Caters News

Image credits: Ronin Otter

Image credits: Gavril Galev

Image credits: Nseika

Image credits: Daniel Mihailescu

Image credits: Christian Müller

Image credits: Tatyana

Image credits: Sherry

Image credits: Cao Terapia | Donie Terry

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Image credits: Mariana Alves

Image credits: Sabrina Paige

Image credits: Ricardo Bonilla

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Image credits:  Lubos ZakovicKatherine Sutherland

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Image credits: Ashleigh Potter

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