Explosive Splattered Ink Animal Portraits Hua Tunan.

For all of us splashing ink means an unfortunate accident spoiling everything nearby. But it is not so for the Chinese artist Cheng Yingjie who is popularly known as Hua Tunan. He takes inspiration from traditional Chinese painting and combining this with the Western street art he turns the splashes into majestic picture of animals and birds. His work includes splashing the ink first and then doing the detailing with brushes and marker pens and these have been acclaimed around the world. He has also worked with many famous brands such as Adidas, Disney, and Nike etc.
More info: huatunan.com | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Behance (h/t: laughingsquid, colossal, boredpanda)

Prairie Fire

Blue Ink Leopard

Crouching Tiger

Color Parrot

Keep Walking

Peacock In Tai Chi


JEDI Rhino

Night Bird

Life On Dusk