Every Person Should Tend To Know The Color Basics Theory

We arenít the professional interior designer to have clear knowledge about color theory basics. You may not sure about the color which you have chosen is accurate color or not that is why you must know color basics theory. You have to learn the color wheel interior design which is comprised with 12 shades and the primary colors: red, blue and yellow, secondary: it is mixing of primary colors which are orange, purple and green, tertiary : it made from mixing of primary and secondary colors. Once you get a color wheel idea of basic colors make a use of neutral to change the color to become either lighter or darker.  In this theory you cannot go without temperature because it plays necessary role as warm colors includes red, orange and yellow gives the spirit in your dining room and cool colors includes blue, purple and green brings a calm and chill feel in your bed room. In colors complementary design with two quite opposite color in wheel one color acts as dominant shade and other acts as accent and split complementary design you choose two shades with contrast color whereas it is the safer choice in color scheme. Here comes analogous where you have select three colors in color wheel in general two colors from the primary and one shade from secondary color. The interior color wheel design next moves to triadic gives even place the three colors and tetradic color or rectangle scheme more challenged than triad where pairing four colors. The final part in color scheme is square and it is parallel to rectangle color scheme uses four shades but not differing from pairs, the colors are similarly spaced. Source:freshome

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