Design Tips For Graphic Designers

Graphics technology such as Photoshopping provides for improving simple images and letters into ever-green and beautiful pictures through small manipulations. Considering the dramatic effects the techniques create, knowing them is worth the trouble. A few important tips sent along with beautiful images taken from a vast collection of pictures made by Senior graphic designer of Canva, Poppie Pack are discussed here because of their importance. For laymen, these throw some light, while for esoteric people of the industry, they turn out like gems. Some valuable tips include use of light and bold font for emphasis; cropping images for getting better background textures; selecting Geometric typeface along with Serif for suitable pairing; and contrasting typefaces making a great duo.
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Use Light And Bold Font Variants For Emphasis And Impact

Crop Images To Let Them Act As Background Textures

Typefaces Have Personalities Too. Make Sure You Represent Your Message With The Right Fonts

Choose A Geometric Typeface Teamed With An Elegant Serif For A Happy Pairing

Apply A Grid To Create A Clean Composition, Using One Of The Photo Holders As A Text Box

Contrasting Typefaces Make A Great Duo

The Placement Of Text Is A Crucial Element. Make Sure To Break Your Lines Up The Way It Should Be Read

Create Clever Compositions By Letting The Features Within Images Guide Where To Place Your Type

Use Shapes To Create Contrast And Offset Your Text From Your Background Image

Make Beautiful Collages With Your Favorite Photos Using Grids, Ensure To Apply The Same Filter To Each Image For Consistency

Apply A Tint To Your Image The Same As Any Block Color In Your Design For Consistency

Aesthetics! Composition! Adjust All The Elements In Your Graphic So They Are On Corresponding Angles

Use The Combination Of A Tint And X-process To Create Two-tone Filter Effects

Use Areas With Clear Space In Your Images For Creative Ways To Include Text

Use Strong, Geometric Typefaces To Amplify Your Message.