Decorating A Lifeless House With Blossoms

Flowers have the innate power of bring a fresh feel to anything that they touch and this is the once again proved from this article. In this article, you will get to see how a group of young boys and girls try to bring life back into a house, which lay abandoned for many years. With their efforts, this group has been able to change the whole look of the interiors. What once was a pile of rubbish has now been transformed into a bed to blossoms of various colors. Check out the revamped look of the house by clicking on the link below.
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Florist Lisa Waud bought two houses in Detroit for $500

“I have always loved the Christo and Jeanne-Claude projects, but did not know what I would do with my inspiration until I saw images from the 2012 Dior show outside of Paris,”
The interior of the buildings was a complete mess

“My first idea was to build a small shed from a hardware store kit and display it at a local contemporary museum, but that quickly felt that it wouldn’t have the ‘breathtaking’ factor I craved”
She brought 4000 flowers and spent 48 hrs bringing the house to life

“When you live in Detroit, it’s hard to not notice an abundance of abandoned houses, and one day, I began looking at them as a resource, and it wasn’t too much longer before I was at a city auction with my hand up”

“It was certainly at that moment when sh*t got real for the project. I was suddenly in possession of my canvas for an installation I had been dreaming of for years. As I spent time cleaning up the properties, it became much more than a floral art project though”

“It’s a story in three parts: a house filled with flowers for one fall weekend, a deconstruction project partnering with a local company called Reclaim Detroit to reuse up to 75% of the materials in the structures, and the launching of an urban flower farm for my floral design company, pot & box”

“I have met florists I’ve always looked up to, neighbors I never would have known, and people passionate about getting involved with the project. It’s been amazing”