Craving For Watermelon

Anything that is well decorated makes a great visual impact. Be it any dress that is nicely seamed or house fully furnished or even food. Here also we are talking about a very mouth watering fruit, that is watermelon on this website. You will see some intricate watermelon art carving done, which is making it look more attractive and will make your mouth water more. These watermellon carvings are a kind of art which is highly praised and appreciated by all food lovers. If you are a foodie then you will love these water melon carvings that will draw and hold your attention for long, you will be craving for it yet, resisting yourself for the splendid designs.
Via: mymodernmet

Photo via Andre Pan

By Valeriano Fatica

Photo via CarolineLD 

By The Invisible Underground 

By Art Chef

By Takashi Itoh

By Takashi Itoh

By Clive and Sharon Cooper

By Clive and Sharon Cooper 

By Valeriano Fatica

By Paul Williams

By Takashi Itoh

Photo via Candi

By Paul Williams

By Timm Carv

By Mariano Orozco

Photo via Elna Ooi

By Jovenal Bual

By Martina Kopeck (photo via Fruit Ninja)

By Clive and Sharon Cooper

By Paul Williams