Connect with Nature At Sydneyís Angel Palace

Sydney has many a beautiful places to visit for the visitors. However, one underrated yet a must visit place in Sydney is the Sydney Angel Place. Back in the year , artist Michael Thomas Hill installed  bird cages suspended high in the air and played background songs of the birds and called it the ëForgotten Songsí. The songs of the birds changed from time to time. This was meant to be a temporary affair. However, the public demand made these parrot cages a permanent fixture at Sydney. This only goes to show how man is still keen to connect with the beauties of nature. SourceL:mymodernmet

Photo credit: Guido lighthunter

photo via consciousbreathing

Photo credit: Steve Wakeman

Photo credit: Michael Dirnberger

Photo credit: Steve Wakeman

Photo credit: Matt Morton-Allen

Photo credit: Emmett Anderson