Color Palates Which Match With the Hues of Nature

The main source of inspiration for all artists is Mother Nature as she has an unending collection of hues and designs. If you are doubtful about this, then this is the article that you need to check out. In this article, you will see that most of the color palates are a direct result of the shades that you see in the natural world. Be it the color of fruits or the hugs of water droplets on the green leaves or even the moss covered doors. No wonder why artists always turn to nature for their creative inspirations.
More info: (h/t: boredpanda)

Color Dew

Photo by @gneissmouse
Fresh Palette

Photo by @_ewabakrac
A Door Hues

Photo by @mikefanfulli
Papered Petals

Photo by @apetalunfolds
Rustic Tones

Photo by @erikadeliadesign
Field Tones

Photo by @julie_audet
Flora Hues

Photo by @auntieclaras
Wanderlust Hues

Photo by @angiesacher
Rustic Tones

Photo by @erikadeliadesign
Flora Palette

Photo by @natashakolenko
Color Set

Photo by @ozgecenberci
Succulent Hues

Photo by @1lifethroughthelens
Color Perched

Photo by @magimare
Color Surf

Photo by @lizlangley
Setting Tones

Photo by @orangiepink
Color Canal

Photo by @peoniesncream
Setting Hues

Photo by @ozgecenberci
Produced Hues

Photo by @giant_origami
Confetti Hues

Photo by @colourspeak_kerry_
Color Sail

Photo by @danny_englander