Coincidental Placement Fails Will Totally Amuse You

Sometimes there are several interesting placement fails you can observe in your surrounding and these placement fails can amaze you to the utmost level. You can easily observe different placement fails around and the most interesting part about these is that these fails are natural. Placements have occurred in such a way that one can easily get attracted to the labels of the companies. If one observes carefully, can easily understand these placement failure, which communicates different funny facts. This particular link discloses various placement failures which can amuse the people to the utmost level.
(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 Right Place, Right Time

Image credit: norcal530
#2 Damn Liars

Image credit: Loyallaughter
#3 Baby Sure Does

Image credit: gooddogisgood
#4 Danger! Ufo Abduction!

Image credit: forowned
#5 Czechairlines or Czech Hair Lines?

Image credit: cleandean
#6 Kitekat Cat Jesus

Image credit: cienfora
#7 Well, That’s Unfortunate

#8 Well That’s Shitty Ad Placement

Image credit: vtcapsfan
#9 Is This The Best Coincidence Ever Or What?

Image credit: dudejust
#10 I’d Like To Make A Withdrawal Please

Image credit: crypticaldude
#11 Funny Coincidence

Image credit:
#12 Not So Smart Name Placement

Image credit: Menno99
#13 Only When It Gets In Your Eyes

Image credit: AFeast
#14 Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club Vs. Where’s Daddy?

#15 Poor Choice Of Ad Placement

Image credit:
#16 My Game Of Thrones Library

Image credit:
#17 Advertising Placement Fail

#18 Ad Placements Gone Wrong

Image credit:
#19 Taxi Door Handle Fail

#20 Ad Placement Win

Image credit: f03vral0n3
#21 Coincidence?

Image credit: Johnny Knoxville
#22 Accident Or Brotherly Rivarly

Image credit: tdobson
#23 I Guess That’s A Good Motto

Image credit: doubletheaction
#24 Camouflaged Shoes At The Discount Store Today

Image credit: TWrox
#25 Lick It Up

Image credit: Robertino_Loreti
#26 This Is My Car And My Neighbor’s Car

Image credit:
#27 Ad Placement Win

Image credit: whathaveyoudone22
#28 Movie Poster Gone Wrong

Image credit: vemihelvete
#29 This Happened To My Friend By Coincidence Yesterday

Image credit:
#30 A Small Clarification

Image credit: XmasCarroll