Chimney Basics Homeowners Are To Know

A chimney in a house is only occasionally used; yet its maintenance could not be sacrificed. If it becomes defective, dire consequences would follow imperiling your familyís safety. So, knowing some important maintenance facts of chimneys would be helpful. Three chimney designs are followed. Single-walled metal type is a home chimney found in old homes, but not considered safe. Masonry chimneys are the best chimney design as they use dedicated firebricks capable of withstanding high temperatures (upto 3000F) along with high temperature cement for effective bonding between bricks. Then comes pre-fabricated metal type used in commercial houses. Check the flu venting system that lets out the gathering smoke and gases; the chimney liner for protecting your home from excess heat; and cap for preventing unwanted materials and rain water falling inside. Conduct annual inspection of your home chimneys for any defect. Source:freshome

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