Cats With Their Kittens

Cats are reputed for their cold as well as evil nature but they are obviously sweet as well as protective for their kittens. In this link you will find mother cats have posed for their kittens which prove that how much they are proud of them and love them. Mother cats are normally caring as well as tender but in some cases they reject their own children in cases when they turn out defected from birth or when they littered quite much or sometimes for reasons related to stress. Here you will find some beautiful photos of mother cats with their children. Check them out!
Via: boredpanda

#1 The Cutest Little Girl

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#2 Like Father Like Son

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#3 Friend’s Cat And Her Kitten

Image credit: thankYouForReading
#4 Cat With Her Mini-me

Image credit: zedextol
#5 Look At These Little Fluffy Cat Nuggets

Image credit: hakunasomevodka
#6 Cat With Her Mini-me

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#7 The Same Cat’s Mini-Me

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#8 Like Mother Like Daughter

Image credit: NatureGeek_inBR
#9 Cat And Her Mini-me

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#10 Mini-me

#11 Cat And Her Mini-me

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#12 Matryoshka Cats

Image credit: IAMA_dragon-AMA
#13 Like Mother Like Daughter

Image credit: PKMNGisela
#14 Mama Cat Hugs Her Kitten

Image credit: ZeGermanGamer
#15 Cat And Her Mini-me

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#16 My Foster Cat And Her Mini-me

Image credit: brileigh85
#17 Scottish Wild Cat Aka “the Highland Tiger” And Her Kitten

Image credit: Peter Denness
#18 Thais And Mini Thais

Image credit: Jessica López Photography
#19 Big Cat, Little Cat

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#20 No Matter How Much…

Image credit: zakali2
#21 Mini-me

#22 My Cat Appears To Be Growing A Kitten Out Of His Belly

Image credit: smay
#23 Acela And Gingerginza

Image credit: Sakura Ishihara
#24 Kitten With The Momma Cat Version 2.0

Image credit: LionblazeONE
#25 My Cat Xiaoniu And Her Son

Image credit: Nebula Dong
#26 My Sister Is Fostering A Cat Family And She Walked In The Room To See This Snuggle Action

Image credit: emibean
#27 They Are Made Of Pure Love

Image credit: amuse
#28 Like Father And Son

Image credit: Buntekuh
#29 Mini-me

#30 Mother’s Love

Image credit: Lone Recht