Burning Man Photos Women

One of the best eye-catching creations at this year is burning man girl photos fiesta was a -feet high sculpture of a lady in an attractively elegant posture. Truth is beauty is actually another of three statues in a series that is called The Bliss Project by an artist Marco Cochrane. Built of mended steel rods as well as balls and enclosed in stainless steel webbing skin, this enormous statue had communicating illumination effects which created it continually change. The huge and enormous is considered as one of the tall sculpture. Open the given link to know about the truth of beauty. Source:mymodernmet

Woman Works On The Truth is Beauty Sculpture by Duncan Rawlinson

Burning Man 2013 Cargo Cult by Bexx Brown-Spinelli

Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane at Burning Man 2013, photo by Neil Girling

The Lady Soars by Trey Ratcliff

The Temple Burns after the Man by Trey Ratcliff