Building An Air-to-Air Missile-like Bed To Celebrate Star Wars Day

Architect and designer of Plain Joe Studios, Peter Gowan has arranged an air-to-air missile rocket ship for his son to celebrate Star Wars Day, this year. Taking 12 months for assembling, and spending $250, the father made this Star Wars-centric bed replicating the cockpit of a Millennium falcon and an AT-AT leg. Every May 4th is Star Wars day, celebrated by the admirers the world over. The date emerged as a pun from the word,” May the Force (Fourth) be with you” reported to have been used in 1979 by the British Conservative Party while celebrating Margaret Thatcher’s victory, writing ,” May the Fourth Be With You.” His brother, Edward, has made the photos of this falcon.
More Info: Plain Joe Studios | Visioneering Studios (h/t: gizmodo, boredpanda)

Millennium Falcon under construction: