Breathtaking Pictures of White Chalk Cliffs

If you are a travel buff you must have the fascination to go out on a trip of England. So, if you get an opportunity to travel in England, do not visit a main city city like London, head more south to spectator one of the best attractive terminuses in this world. This is considered as head chalk marine crag in the UK at an amazing  feet, Beachy Head asuresto be an capability that you will notever forget, especially for those people that relish natural wonders or do not mind that queasy feeling of dizziness. Pictures of beachy head chalk cliff are available in the link. Source: Atlas Obscura via: mymodernmet

Photo credit: Dmitry Shakin

Photo Credit: Christopher Hope-Fitch

Photo credit: abridgeover

Photo credit: Christopher Hope-Fitch

Photo credit: Mark Howells-Mead

Photo credit: Perry Tak

Photo credit: Tony Smith

Photo credit: Tez Goodyer

Photo credit: Rhys Davies

Photo credit: Rhys Davies