BO Concept For Coffee Table With Storage Facilities

Popularly known as BO Concept coffee table, it envisages the twin benefits of keeping coffee cups and tiffin, and storing magazines, books, newspapers, purses, remote control devices, and CDs including simple jewelry box, under emergent conditions. Thanks to its versatile use, it is also known as cd storage coffee table and BO Concept dining table. Made using quality frames and wood with high-end polishing, the tables present a royal look fitting with your home and office interiors. Walnut veneer, dusty gray glass and chrome are some designs in which the functional coffee table with storage appears with prices starting from $1,395. Looking as a drawer standing on four legs, planks or wooden or glass platforms of different sizes are fitted on it at different places giving an aesthetic look. The sunken portion is handy for storing your materials. Source:freshome