Beauty Of The Festival Of Lights Chiang Mai

Number of people out there who are familiarized with some much visited art festival and floating lantern festival is one of the popular festivals that each and every one will love it. One such renowned festival is held in the place of northern Thailand throughout a full moon in the month of November and this is called Yi Peng. The utmost extravagant Yi Peng carnival is in chiang mai festival of lights, where number of persons gathers and then launch hot-air lights into the night sky. The festival looks as amazing and wonderful as one cannot think even. Source:mymodernmet

photo credit: Yang Tee Mon

Credit: Taradol Chitmanchaitham

Credit: Yang Tee Mon

Credit: Hasbi Jien

Credit: Komang Neo

Credit: Watcharapong Jingkaujai

Credit: Ekachai Jirachuphun

Credit: Daniel Nahabedian

Credit: Travel This Earth