Beautiful Modern Animal Art

In recent times art works are extremely popular amongst people. Art lovers spend most of their times in creating unique art works. Contemporary animal paintings are the one of them. Numerous artists out there have taken an inspiration from different creatures to make a beautiful painting on animals. This type of paintings enhances the creativity of painters or artists. If you search in the Internet you will get an ample of paintings on different animals that look extremely stunning and gorgeous. Some artists sold it in their Etsy shop to increase the popularity. Open the given link to see more pictures of modern art animals. via: mymodernmet

Ink Pen Lizard by RLoN Wang

Stainless steel elephant by Gary Hovey

Steampunk pigeon by Igor Verniy

Multi-animal painting by ROA

Fabric rhino by Sophie Standing

Hubcap owl by Ptolemy Elrington

Recycled paper phoenix by Zim & Zou

Recycled metal elephant by Pascal Chesneau

3D Paper Fox by Wolfram Kampffmeyer

Origami elephant by Sipho Mabona

Giant wooden hippo by Florentijn Hofman

Body painted frog by Johannes Stotter

Elk made of knife blades by Li Hongbo

Ink butterfly by Alex Konahin

Cat made of velvet clay, acrylic paint, and taxidermy products by Evgeny Hontor

Recycled paper insect by agency Soon

Glass seahorse by Hu Shaoming

Penguins made with Adobe Illustrator by Andrea Minini

Salvaged driftwood horses by James Doran-Webb

Stainless steel bird by Gabor Miklos Szoke