Adorable Photos Of Ermine

The short-followed weasel, or stoat, is a delightful little character that dependably resembles he’s dependably planning something sinister. The creature passes by the name ermine when it’s in its immaculate white winter coat. In the spring and summer, its hide is a ruddy cocoa. The photograph above demonstrates the ermine in Italy’s Gran Paradiso National Park. It was shot by picture taker Stefano Unterthiner. In the winter, encompassed by snow, you may not see the nearness of this little animal, unless you recognized his beady bruised eyes and his modest pink nose.
(h/t: mymodernmet)

Image credit: Stefano Unterthiner

Image credit: Amy Gerber

Image credit: L. Mikonranta

Image credit: Etienne Francey

Image credit: J.A. Siderius

Image credit: Viktor Vlaskin

Image credit: Hans Erik Overland

Image credit: Mark Summers

Image credit: Max Waugh

Image credit: Etienne Francey

Image credit: Etienne Francey

Image credit: Masatsugu Ohashi

Image credit: Kellen Witschen

Image credit: Fabien Greban