A photographer spotted couples publicly in love

For making love you need not go to the extreme always as kissing is also an expression of love making. Although, all these acts are completely personal; there are some couples who often get involved in such things publicly. This photographer has spent a lot of time in Montreal and Paris to shoot publicly loving couples. You will see many couples hugging passionately with locked up lips, in all sorts of places like a crowded road, restaurant and bus, in a state of oblivion about their surroundings. Glide through the gallery for enhancing your experience.
More info: mikaeltheimer.com, boredpanda

They said goodbye here… (Paris)

… and then again there (Paris)

Exactly one week after the November 13th attacks. Love wins. (Paris)

Not even afraid – Place de la République, memorial for the November 13th attacks (Paris)

Hold on tight during the bus ride (Montréal)

Lovers de la Montagne (Montréal)

I think she found the assistance she needed (Montréal)

A kiss on a hand may be quite sentimental but… (Paris)

And suddenly it’s like there’s no one around (Montréal)

What’s warmer than a hug? A hug with a scarf. (Montréal)
The hour seems happy indeed (Paris)

I’ll take a waffle and a kiss (Paris)

There’s something quite sexy and romantic about a Vespa… (Montréal)

Night club love (Paris)

A good hug slows time down (Montréal)

Classic “where do I put my hands?” problem (Montréal)

You saw nothing (Montréal)

Love is beautiful in black and white

This seems hearfelt (Montréal)

When a kiss on the cheek is worth a thousand “I love you”s (Montréal)

In French, love is a masculine word (Montréal)