A loveable nature of different animals

Animals love to enjoy the belly rub, specifically when they get it from their masters. Animals have great affection to their masters and they love to stay close to their masters. The affectionate human touch makes them feel close to their masters and they love the touch to utmost level whenever they get it from their masters. Some animals seem adorable because of their stunning appearances and people love to adore these animals by rubbing their bellies. There are few people who love their pets and amuse them in various ways and the rubbing bellies is considered as the most interesting way to amuse them.
(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 Baby Lamb Belly Rub

Image credit: Veritas Farms
#2 Baby Fox Getting A Belly Rub

Image credit: bellafelis
#3 Bart The Bear And His Trainer Doug Seus

Image credit: pork_pie_hat
#4 One More Belly Rub May Result In A Hand Attack, But For Now, Simon Is Giving Out Hugs And Kisses

Image credit: colleenpettit
#5 Sloth Getting A Belly Rub Like A Boss

#6 My Dog’s Face Every Time I Rub Her Belly

Image credit: Nosuo
#7 Shark Looks Like A Dog Enjoying A Belly Rub

Image credit: New Caledonia’s Aquarium des Lagons
#8 Fox Gets A Belly Rub

Image credit: foxalbiazul
#9 Hedgehog Gets A Belly Rub

Image credit: kpaxton1
#10 Pet Rat Loves Belly Rubs

Image credit: pet-gifs.com
#11 Douglas The Wombat Really Loves Belly Rubs

Image credit: andreasjakwerth.exposure.co
#12 Otter Gets A Luxurious Belly Rub

Image credit: dailyotter.com
#13 Pixie Enjoying A Belly Rub

Image credit: iamherakles
#14 Apparently, Any Cat Loves A Good Belly Rub

Image credit: russspruce
#15 This Guy Loves Belly Rub

Image credit: imgur.com
#16 She Fell Over With That Face The Moment I Started Rubbing Her Belly

Image credit: iReddt
#17 The Face Of A Belly-rub In Progress

Image credit: Aelinsaar
#18 I Bet You Didn’t Know You Needed This Adorableness In Your Life Until Now

Image credit: JustAGirlOnImgur
#19 My Dog Every Time He Gets A Belly Rub

Image credit: Kelloggs67
#20 Who Doesn’t Love A Good Belly Rub?

Image credit: naive_hueristics
#21 My Cat Smiles Like Crazy When You Rub Her Belly

Image credit: Always_Jolly
#22 Rolling In The Grass And Getting A Belly Rub Is Just Too Much – Look At This Smile

Image credit: DDA1
#23 The Belly Rub Face

Image credit: jordanundead
#24 Lion Cub Cuddles

Image credit: Lobo2ffs
#25 Fox Getting Her Belly Rubbed

Image credit: cutestpaw.com
#26 That Tickles

Image credit: Josh Norem
#27 The Joy Of The Belly Rub

Image credit: Eileen
#28 Merlin Enjoying A Good Old Belly Rub

Image credit: TheIronyMaiden
#29 Oh, Hi There!

Image credit: Josh Norem
#30 Oreo Bunny Is Getting A Belly Rub

Image credit: Sada-Chan
#31 Belly Rubs

Image credit: Camilla Bottelberghe
#32 Belly Rubs

Image credit: Elora Ghea
#33 Loki Looking For Belly Rubs

Image credit: Selbe
#34 I’m Getting A Relaxing Belly Rub And Someone Suddenly Shows Up With Pizza

Image credit: johnjacobjinglehymer
#35 Warm Sun + Belly Rub = Corgi Heaven

Image credit: dyloceraptor
#36 Cat Enjoying Belly Rub

Image credit: Paul Mutton
#37 Belly Rub Bliss

Image credit: neon.mamacita
#38 Toby Gets A Belly Rub

Image credit: tar101
#39 Enjoying His Tummy Rub

Image credit: Matthew C. Wright
#40 Sometimes You Fall Asleep Mid Tummy Rub

Image credit: JessMess86
#41 Bella Enjoys A Belly Rub

Image credit: Christopher Cotrell
#42 Enjoying A Belly Rub

#43 Belly Rub

Image credit: Jodi Ann Trotta
#44 My Dog’s Favorite Thing… A Belly Rub

Image credit: Sparkys Girl
#45 Alice Does Love Her Tummy Rubs

Image credit: Nurse Kitty Qat