A Dad Who Draw Funny Character To His Daughter’s Eyepatch

The little girl named Layla. He was a baby and she was born small cataracts. This condition forced him to use eyepatch every day. His father named RedditorGfgrubb has the initiative to create a funny cartoon character on eyepatch used by his daughter. First, he drew creatively on eyepatch belonging to Layla. Then he created a page on his Instagram entitled lay las patches. This situation makes Gfgrubb got a lot of support from people who became followers. Every day Gfgrubb make the adorable drawing that is constantly changing every day. Adorabledrawings are very cute. Father drawinga.k.a RedditorGfgrubb loved his daughter so that he was willing to make her happy by making adorable drawings on eyepatch Layla. Source:mymodernmet, via [Reddit]