30 death defying pictures that will definitely scare you

If staring down from a cliff’s edge, tall building thrills you then check out these awesome thrilling photos. Here you will find top 30 death defying photographs that will thrill every thrill seeking person. Some who loves thrill or has pride for their love for heights, which many scientist thinks of as the phobia of heights are adventurous traits. The popular “visual cliff” test had proved that even a one year old baby has the ability to perceive height and depth and will less likely approach their mom if they have to cover something which looks sort of cliff to them. Click on this link to view some amazing adrenaline pumping photos.
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Image credits: Gordon Wiltsie25

Image credits: Lucas Gilman

Image credits: Jordan Matters

Image credits: Keith Ladzinski

Image credits: Corey Rich

Image credits: Mustang Wanted

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Image credits: Andreas Resch

Image credits: Kirill Oreshkin

Image credits: Brian Mosbaugh

Image credits: Natasha Sadovskaya

Image credits: Alex Emanuel Koch

Image credits: Greg Sims

Image credits: tapiture.com

Image credits: Ronny Randen

Image credits: Romina Amato

Image credits: Isaac Gautschi

Image credits: Krystle Wright

Image credits: Christian Pondella

Image credits: Michael Nichols

Image credits: Desre Tate

Image credits: Alex Honnold

Image credits: SHAMS /BARCROFT MEDIA/Barcroft Media /Landov

Image credits: Jared Alden

Image credits: Roof Topper

Image credits: Dan Carr

Image credits: secondglobe.com